FAILURE Opens Tonight!

GUYS. ART IS HAPPENING. It has been such a wild, wonderful, whimsical time rehearsing this show, and now FAILURE: A LOVE STORY  is opening and we get to share this beautiful story with you! Please join us in the next two weekends and engage in something truly magical. Tickets can be purchased at

See you there!

Actors Bridge Presents: FAILURE!

Hello again friends! Well, we made it through the craziness of MACBETH and COMEDY OF ERRORS this summer, and rehearsals are already underway for my next project! I will be appearing as a member of the Chorus in Philip Dawkins’ FAILURE: A LOVE STORY with Actors Bridge Ensemble here in Nashville! This production is directed by Jessika Malone and features a cast of some of the neatest people I know 🙂 FAILURE runs from October 28th through November 5th, and I do hope you will join us for some truly creative and collaborative theatre!

For more information about tickets and the rest of Actors Bridge’s 21st Season, please go to:

21st Season

What?! A Harry Potter Reading?

Good afternoon, Muggles! Those of you remotely aware of pop culture no doubt are aware that this week, the latest installments in the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II, were released to the public. But these aren’t new books- no no, friends, they are plays! And I’m sure you may be wondering just how you’re going to get to experience the magic as fully as you can without flying to London and seeing these works on West End. Well, lucky for you, as part of Actor’s Bridge Ensemble’s Sideshow Fringe Festival, there is a staged reading of HPCC Parts I & II this weekend, August 6 & 7!  It will be most magical! More information about Sideshow Fringe can be found at: